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    The NeuroCognitive Research Institute (NCRI) sponsors a research registry to focus on ways to improve the neurological health of people afflicted with neurocognitive disorders worldwide. The NCRI registry is a collection of information about individuals varying health status including those with a specific diagnosis or condition as well as healthy individuals. The NCRI collects a minimal amount of information about those who may be willing to participate in research about a particular disease. Individuals provide information about themselves to to the NCRI registry on a voluntary basis. Participation in the NCRI registry helps us increase what we know about a specific condition and allows us to design better studies on a particular condition, including development and testing of new treatments. However, deciding to participate in the NCRI registry does not guarantee a treatment or cure for your condition or that you will be eligible to join a study. Before filling out our online form, please read our privacy statement by clicking on the link above. Then, you may complete the online form to be included in our registry for upcoming studies. We will then contact you by phone to determine whether you are eligible. We thank you very much for your participation!
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