Donate in Memory

Celebrate the life of someone while supporting our vital work

When an ‘In Memory’ gift is received through our donation form, we will set up a personalized tribute on our website to honor the memory of a loved one or friend. It can be arranged however you like. For example, you can share your story and include an animated candle as well as photo or video showing your memories. If possible, you could share the name, age, and other pertinent information. Once ready, we would then add your tribute to our ‘In Memoriam‘ page for others to see. By creating a list of tributes, we hope to make people more fully aware of the need for better understanding and treatments for those with neurological diseases. 

Example tribute:

(Your photo here)
We are grateful to [donor name] who dedicated her gift in memory of [Name], who died at age 41 after being chronically ill for 12 years. Despite neurological symptoms and testing, he was never received an official diagnosis of ME/CFS. It was suggested he had a progressive post-viral fatigue syndrome of unknown cause. After becoming bedridden for 3 years, he finally succumbed to viral pneumonia complications. He was a graphic artist and passionate advocate who blogged about the challenges of living with chronic illness. He left his wife and two small children who remember his brave struggle to live.