Why the NCRI Needs Your Support

1. There are many small but significant costs to conduct and disseminate research.

Even though our equipment is much less expensive than a CT scanner, fMRI, PET, etc., we do have to maintain it and those costs mount up on a yearly basis. Of course, we pay rent, utilities, etc. as well.

2. Most gifts are restricted in some manner.

This necessitates that we have multiple donors.

3. Grants are a possible source of funding but federal funding has declined, especially for ME/CFS.

Federal funding is declining for many reasons, and the current budget environment is making such funding even more difficult to procure.

4. We have no ‘endowments,’ or other large sources of money.

Currently, we do not qualify for endowments and no one has stepped up to provide us with large amounts of funding.

5. the NCRI’s mission is ubiquitous. Given that we can ‘see’ brain activity directly and in real time (at the millisecond level), our techniques are powerful.

We therefore know that our research products are both highly reliable and valid, in depth and breadth. However, big ideas are nonetheless expensive but worth it!

6. Every gift makes a difference!

Most gifts to other organizations are under $1,000.00, and we would expect the same level for ourselves. Together, these gifts allow us to stay in business and continue to support our mission.

Make your gift today!