Neurocognitive Assessment Program

At the NCRI, we offer a comprehensive qEEG/swLORETA brain assessment program for providing valuable insights into your brain function and how it relates to your symptoms. Our state-of-the-art neuroimaging technology identifies abnormal patterns compared to a normative database (similar to a blood-test reveals deviations from established norms). 

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced understanding: Link dysregulation in specific brain regions to your symptoms to inform decision-making, and improve communication with your healthcare providers.
  • Validation: For many patients, simply knowing that there is a tangible, physiological basis for their symptoms can be most reassuring. It not only validates their experiences and symptoms, but also helps them feel understood.
  • Medical documentation: The neurocognitive assessment also provides evidence for establishing a medically documented impairment and confirming disability status (read article). 

What’s included:

  • Review of medical records for complete understanding of your medical history and diagnoses.
  • Symptom checklists and standardized health questionnaires for measuring symptom level and severity.
  • Computerized neuropsychological test battery to assess how cognitive performance relates to qEEG findings. 
  • Detailed clinical qEEG report, including 3-D brainmaps and network analysis using cutting-edge swLORETA technology.

How to Get Started:

  1. Send us an email message via our Contact us form. We specialize in assessment of people diagnosed with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, Long COVID syndrome, and dysautonomia, among other brain conditions.
  2. Gather your medical records, preferably dating back approximately 2 years prior to your neurological diagnosis or onset of symptoms. Your records will help us to interpret of your qEEG results and gather insights from your most recent lab work and other neuroimaging tests, such as CT, MRI scans. Your records should also include the diagnosis of the particular neurological problem you have. Requesting an authorization of records from your provider(s) can take a number of weeks, please allow extra time to receive them. 
  3. We’ll contact you to schedule a phone intake session to better understand your health situation and discuss the qEEG testing procedure and session scheduling.  

To download our sample clinical report, click the button below:


qEEG testing is not a stand-alone diagnostic and does not provide a diagnosis. No single test yields all the information necessary for a clinician to render a diagnosis and all relevant sources of information must be integrated the qEEG results, including patient history, blood work, neuroimaging tests, neuropsychological tests, and other clinical data.

Integrative NeuroHealth Coaching Program*

Comprehensive Pathway to Improved Well-Being

Increasingly, the healthcare landscape is recognizing management of complex chronic illnesses such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, and Long COVID goes beyond conventional treatments. It calls for an understanding of unique symptoms, triggers, and daily challenges. We therefore offer this unique integrative health coaching program designed with you in mind, offering a compassionate and research-based pathway to symptom management and enhanced quality of life.

The Benefits:

  • Holistic View: Gain an integrated picture of your health and well-being.
  • Tailored Care: Leverage your understanding to better customize your health coaching sessions.
  • Informed Choices: Empower yourself with scientific understanding of how brain function contributes to your symptoms and developing strategies to manage them.
  • Quality of Life: Utilize neuroscience and personalized health coaching for reducing fatigue and enhancing cognitive function.

What’s included:

Individualized Integrative Health Coaching: Collaborate one-on-one with a specialized health coach to improve quality of life. The coaching partnership will help you gain insights for setting small achievable health goals, address support systems, and construct a meaningful personalized symptom management plan. 

  • Baseline NeuroCognitive Assessment: One initial 75 minute initial session, where we collect baseline data to better understand your current health status.
  • Core Coaching Sessions: Four 1-hour sessions designed to help you translate new insights into actionable strategies for improving your day-to-day living. We will track your progress, address challenges as they emerge, and adjust your individualized health plan as needed.
  • Intermediate Coaching Sessions: Three 1-hour sessions designed to solidify gains and develop backup plans to ensure long-term success toward your health goals. 
  • Closing Session: A final 1-hour session to review the progress you’ve made thus far and establish how to keep progressing toward goals as the coaching structure ends.

Additional Benefits:

  • Follow-up coaching sessions offered for ongoing support.
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy.
  • Flexible rescheduling and cancellation policy.

If you are interested in our integrative neurohealth coaching program, please send us an email message via our Contact us form.

*Please note: Health coaching is intended for informative purposes only and it does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment options. Health coaching is designed to complement medical providers and aims to empower patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare, in consultation with their medical providers.

What Others are Saying

Convincing Evidence!

After the hearing, the judge requested 2 health care professionals affiliated with the Social Security Administration to review all evidence. They both were in agreement and referenced your qEEG report in their opinions. The judge then ruled in favor of our case. Thank you so much!


Awesome Report!

The qEEG results really helped strengthen my disability case. They certainly validate the brain abnormalities are physiological. Thank you!


Deeply Grateful!

I am so deeply thankful for all your time, expertise and diligence. I truly appreciate it! You are the experts and pioneers at the forefront of this scientific/medical field!


We won our case!

The judge ruled in our favor for disability benefits for my husband, citing the qEEG report as part of the documented evidence being considered. 🙂 Thanks so much!


Hope for healing!

Thank you for all of the valuable insights so compassionately shared with me. It gives me peace to know the origins of my symptoms, as well as hope for healing.


SSDI Approved!

My SSDI has been approved! Many thanks for your continued support. This is a big relief and should help ensure the continuation of my long term disability benefits.