SSDI Approved!

My SSDI has been approved! Many thanks for your continued support. This is a big relief and should help ensure the continuation of my long term disability benefits.

Hope for healing!

Thank you for all of the valuable insights so compassionately shared with me. It gives me peace to know the origins of my symptoms, as well as hope for healing.

We won our case!

The judge ruled in our favor for disability benefits for my husband, citing the qEEG report as part of the documented evidence being considered. 🙂 Thanks so much!

Deeply Grateful!

I am so deeply thankful for all your time, expertise and diligence. I truly appreciate it! You are the experts and pioneers at the forefront of this scientific/medical field!

Awesome Report!

The qEEG results really helped strengthen my disability case. They certainly validate the brain abnormalities are physiological. Thank you!

Convincing Evidence!

After the hearing, the judge requested 2 health care professionals affiliated with the Social Security Administration to review all evidence. They both were in agreement and referenced your qEEG report in their opinions. The judge then ruled in favor of our case. Thank you so much!